Who are we?

—  About us, social media, and how to keep in touch

Bricks&Brownstones Events Agency was designed primarily to promote Newark, NJ through

tactical events, however, Bricks&Brownstones has evolved into an agency that curates unique memorable experiences 

while promoting community relations, partnerships and local business patronage among young professionals,

popular brands and creatives from all backgrounds. 


We curate events we wish to attend.

The Motto: If you can think about it, plan it, and execute it, make that shxt awesome! 


owner + strategist - eugenia

Bricks&Brownstones Community Events was created by Eugenia Faith Brandy. She is a proud University High School and Howard University Alumna with an unbreakable bond with her hometown. Uncontested music lover, annoying friend with the nikon camera, and romance fanatic, Eugenia is a 20something year old with practical Liberian parents who dreams of changing the world, one city at a time. She likes to believe she's a hippy even while she's trying to control the flow. (she's working on it)


creative director - lee

Lee is the funny, slightly shady, bright personality that lights up the room. Weequahic High School and Virginia Union Alumna, Lee Freeman is creative and yet still practical. Her quick thinking and fast talking will probably have you confused at first, but then you'll realize she just solved all your problems, and threw a cherry on top, just for appearances sake. She's the cool one of the two, in case you were wondering. They are cousins and partners in crime, yin yangs if you will.  


When in the Bricks, the fun is always Lit.

Trying to figure us out. Come meet us at a few awesome events.

We love to mingle!